Oasis of the Seas

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  • Published : November 17, 2012
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Presented exhibits determine four main segments of the cruise tourism market – contemporary, premium, luxury and destinations. The pattern of market segmentation in this market can be described as clustered preferences based on the natural market segments which will be discussed. It is important to note that major players in the industry develop several brands allowing them to cater to the different segments.

Cruisers who fall under the contemporary segment account for up to 50% of the industry. The psychographic descriptions provided in exhibit eight label them as escapers (30%), souvenirs (10%) and adrift (10%). All three of these groups are similar in descriptive and behavioural characteristics. Being the most significant of the three, the following will focus on the characteristics of the escapers. These are consumers who are seeking a getaway. They want a value packed vacation inclusive of accommodations, meals and entertainment in a casual environment which they perceive as luxurious compared to their everyday lives. Consumers in this segment do not have a geographic preference in terms of destination. Exhibit nine illustrates their choice is based on the ability to visit multiple destinations and the price point. The Caribbean is the most popular destination for these types of cruisers, because the wide variety of routes and high demand provides a better price point to satisfy their needs. Demographically, this segment mainly consists of the working and middle class. People of all ages and life cycles fall under this segment, while income is the significant determinant of the type of cruise to be taken. It is likely that their disposable income is limited, hence the importance of value proposition. This is probably a well budgeted vacation, therefore the value of every dollar is considered. Psychographically and behaviourally, these users are content with the break from reality; therefore the opportunity to be care free is luxurious. They...