West Indies Yacht Club Resort

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  • Published : November 27, 2009
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To: Mr. Jim Johnson (General Manager), West Indies Yacht Club Resort From: Mr. Patrick Dowd (Management Consultant)
Date: 1/12/2007
Subject: Recommendation Report for West Indies Yacht Club Resort

The purpose of this recommendation report is to sort out the existing problems of West Indies Yacht Club Resort and to suggest some feasible solutions to improve the current situation. This report is going to identify the key issues in the resort, list and discuss the main findings, outline the conclusions based on the findings and offer recommendations.

Identification of the key Issues
After being a participant observer in the resort for 3 weeks, four main key issues can be identified: High expatriate turnover, rising number of guests complaints, increasing tension between expatriate and local staff and the lack of motivation. It is worth finding out that all these problems are from the same root, that is the cultural difference between the US expatriate and British Virgin Island (hereinafter called BVI) staff. Therefore, all these issues are undoubtedly related to each other.

Presentation and discussion of the main findings:
a) Increasing tension between expatriate and local staff
The ideal management style of USA expatriates and BVI staff are of great difference. The former will prefer laissez-fair or behind the scene style while the latter prefer hand-on style. Yet, in the resort, there are merely a few hand-on managers like Singiser who would strive hard to integrate into the local culture and gain respect from the BVI staff. Thus, the distinct relationship and misunderstanding between the two parties does give rise to the tension among them.

Unclear job descriptions and expectations do play a role to increase the tension among the two parties. Due to low education level, the BVI local needs clear and detailed role description while USA expatriates perceive a brief guidelines are enough to get the job done. Thus, whenever there...
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