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I don't understand our relationship. Sometimes we're friends, sometimes we're more than friends, and sometimes I'm just a stranger to you.

I'm proud of my heart. It's been played, stabbed, cheated, burned and broken, but somehow still works.

I get speechless when I'm with you sometimes. It's really stressing.

"No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow."

Dear Brain, sorry for overloading you. Dear Pillow, sorry for the tears. Dear Heart, sorry for the damage.

Piliin mo yung taong paiiyakin ka sa kakatawa, hindi yung paiiyakin ka tapos sya yung tatawa

The hardest part about losing love is finding your way back =((

If they Cheated once , They Will Cheat Again ..

Di porket iniiwasan kita hindi na kita gusto, kinikilig lang ako talaga kaya di ako makatingin sayo ng diretso. :">

Its a Big Mistake To Admire You. And Its More MIstake To FALL inLOVE with You ='(((

ang orasan ang pinaka mapaglarong bagay sa mundo. ito'y bumabagal pagnaiinip ka. at bumibilis kung kelan ka masaya =(

Examples of Dangling Modifiers

A modifier does exactly what it sounds like: it changes, alters, limits, or adds more info to something else in the sentence. A modifier is considered dangling when the sentence isn't clear about what is being modified. For example, "The big" doesn't make sense without telling what is big which leaves "big" as a dangling modifier; but, "the big dog" is a complete phrase.

Since a modifier has to more information about something, by definition that means the something it is modifying or limiting has to exist. That means, of course, that you can't just say The happy. If you did, people would immediately ask you: "the happy what?" That missing what is the thing being modified.

It seems pretty obvious and intuitive when written in a simple sentence, and it seems hard to imagine a situation in which a modifier would be left dangling. However, modifiers don't always have to be simple words or phrases like happy, and sentences aren't always simple.

Phrases can also act as modifiers, providing additional information about something else in the sentence. When this occurs, and when sentences become more complex, dangling modifiers can sometimes exist and get lost in the complexity of the language. Correcting Dangling Modifiers

Hoping to garner favor, my parents were sadly unimpressed with the gift.

Problem: This is a dangling modifier because we do not know who or what was hoping to garner favor. It is unlikely that the parents were hoping to garner favor, since they wouldn't have given an unimpressive gift to themselves.

Correction: This sentence could be corrected by adding a proper subject, or identifying the person who was hoping to win over the parents. For example,

Hoping to garner favor, my new boyfriend brought my parents a gift that sadly unimpressed them.

Now, the modifier is no longer dangling, since the subject- or the person- who is hoping to garner favor is identified.

Hoping to excuse my lateness, the note was written and given to my teacher.

Problem: Here, it seems as though we have a subject- my. However, my is part of the modifier and not the subject itself.Correction: We need a subject that is modified by hoping to excuse my lateness, since obviously the note didn't have those hopes.

Hoping to excuse my lateness, I wrote a note and gave it to my teacher.

Now, the problem is resolved. I am the person who is hoping to excuse my lateness, so I wrote a note and gave it to my teacher. My note may not get me out of trouble, but at least I won't also have bad grammar!

After reading the great new book, the movie based on it is sure to be exciting

Problem: Again, we are left wondering exactly who read the great new book. The phrase can't possibly be modifying the movie, since the movie can't read.Correction: A subject must be added so the...
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