Research on Only Children and Their Parents' Pressure to Choose a Career

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Many of us cannot but get envious at any only child around. Being the only child may seem as the best thing in this world. Yes, only children are truly the most cared, loved persons in the family. But this love and care sometimes demands some obliged responsibility.

It is seen that in many families of our country that if they have an only child, they start to dream a lot about them since their early age. “Our only child will have to shine the name of the family”. “My child will only choose that profession which I will tell to choose”. “My son/daughter will have to marry the person whom I will think is perfect for him/her”. These are some common commands and expectations in families with only child in our country. Not all the families are like this but there are many who put such pressure on their child. Ever since an only child starts to understands the world around, s/he realizes the pressure and expectations put upon her/him. Sometimes this pressure leads them towards good. But today’s generation are more independent and a bit rebel in nature. The limited recreation of city children consists of watching television, playing computer games or fast food joints. Moreover, these kids are sent to school at a age or three when they hardly starts to communicate properly. Parents are also working outside, so they cannot give proper time to their only child. Moreover living and lifestyle expenses are so high that couples are unwilling to have more than one children. Without any siblings, only children grow up as loners in most of the cases.

In such situation, if parents put so much pressure on their only child and have a lot of expectations, then it causes nothing but put an adverse effect on them. Later in life, many only children feel frustrated, dissatisfied with their career and marriage and even grow a negative feeling for their parents. Parents should be a bit reasonable and understanding when it comes to rear up their only child. After all parents will only guide their children into the best way, not lead their life on behalf of them.

Area of Research

In my research paper, I would focus on the following areas mentioned:

► What percentage of people ( both only children and children with siblings) agree with the topic that only children are more pressurized to fulfill their families’ dream rather than their own?

► What are the areas parents and families mostly pressure on them?

► What obstacles they face to deal with those issues?

► Is marriage also an area where parents creates their pressure to maintain their social status?

►How do these pressures effect the children?

►What percentage of these children adopt with this and what percentage of them suffer from depression?

►At which age they start to feel these?

► How do they deal with this pressure?


Only children are actually being more pressurized to fulfill their own dream rather than their own which in future leads them towards frustration dissatisfaction in life. Most parents are not considerate enough to understand this and treat their children as if they are the decider and guide to lead the life of their children.


The methods that I have used for my research are:

► I read several relevant articles regarding my topic. As my topic is a bit unique, most of the articles were found online. I went through several online research papers, graphs from psychiatrists and blogs where the writers are only children. I went to the library of American Centre, Dhaka to find out relevant books for my research paper.

► After proper study, I prepared a questionnaire and distributed it towards a sample size of 40 people. My target people were undergrad students of various universities in Dhaka. To keep the survey unbiased and more credible, I not only provided the questionnaire to the student of North South University but also to the students of Dhaka University...
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