Differences Between Being an Only Child and Having Siblings

Topics: Sibling, Family, Parent Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: November 29, 2011
Differences between Being an Only Child and Having Siblings

There are tons of people we have to meet in our life. They come from different country, culture, and family. We all have a different environment of growing up. For example, some might be raised as an only child and some might be raised along with their siblings. There is a huge difference between being raised alone and being raised with siblings.

The first difference between being only child and being raised among siblings is in terms of getting and sharing stuffs, toys, etc. Obviously, being an only child means that your parents have only you to spend their money and do not have to share with anybody, so that they would get more toys or more money than the others who have siblings to share with. They have all things that they are given. On the other hand, a child who has siblings must know how to share something to the others. They have to think about their sister or brother before doing that every time.

The another difference is relationship with their family. Children who have brothers and sisters are raised among their siblings. They always have companions and playmates. They can play game together, have conversation, or learn to help and share any problem with each other. Also, they can learn from their elder siblings or teach their younger because the younger child will try and imitate with the older and their parents are doing. They can also help to take care of each other. The older sibling can help the younger sibling to learn how to live with the other, how to play soccer, how to make their bed, help with homework, etc. There is no limit to what siblings can do for each other. In contrary, an only child who receives more attention from their parents, which might give them an advantage with help with a child homework, more time to spend with, more activity or playtime with dad or mom, and perhaps more or better toys, educational items, clothes, etc. They...
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