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Differences Between Children with no Siblings and Children from Large Families
There are a large number of differences between children with no siblings and children from large families such as, if the family only has one child, child will feel lonely, however sisters and brothers can play games together so that will not be left alone. There are three main parts of a family which will influence children, they are parents, surrounding, and competition. This essay discusses differences between the children who are the one only child and the children who have sisters and brothers in the part which is called parents.

Several differences occurred between children in one-child family and children with sisters and brothers by the factor which is called parents. First of all, all the love would be given by the parents who are in one-child family to the children, however it is difficult for parents to give the same love to every child in large family. Nevertheless, love is not always positive, children might be hurt by love. Second, children who have no siblings will become more and more confident and doing things without any worries while brothers and sisters will think whether the things are correct or not. If the confidence becomes over-confidence the only child will be failed, but if the confidence is not enough, anything will not be done possibly. Therefore, the children in only child family may become over-confidence and children in large family will become less confidence. Finally, difference of reliability between children in one-child family and children in large family is that children in one-child family will rely on everything however children in large family will do everything themselves. In one-child family, parents will do everything for the only child just because the family only has one child. Nevertheless, large families will force their children do...
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