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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Research in HR:
Manpower planning provides wider scope for research than any other functional area. It is because human behaviour is prone to constant changes. Individual behaviour is different from collective behaviour; human attitudes to work life differ substantially from those of social life. Heredity’s influence and environment’s impact on human behaviour affect organisational behaviour and productivity. Research in manpower planning is, therefore, more vital than in any other functional area because of the greater importance of the human element in the enterprise. Broad areas for research in manpower planning include the following: i. Personnel policies

ii. Personnel organisation structure.
iii. Job and manpower requirement, job evaluation.
iv. Recruiting, selecting, hiring and placement of employees. v. Training and development of employees.
vi. Promotion and transfer.
vii. Morale and attitudes.
viii. Communication.
ix. Wage and salary administration.
x. Labour relations.
xi. Industrial disputes.
xii. Collective bargaining.
xiii. Job enrichment programmes.
xiv. Health, safety and working conditions.
xv. Fringe benefits.
Research in manpower planning may range from very simple problems to highly complex problems of all types. Because it is concerned primarily with the human aspects of the business concern, the amount of research and reporting on personnel problems has been exceeding large. Much more basic research is this field would be valuable. A systematic research plays a great role in the determination of the individual needs of the work force. That is why personnel policies have to be guided by research. Research in production:

Production research has tended to focus on materials and equipment rather than on the human aspects. Manufacturing research identified new and better ways of producing goods, invents new technologies, reduces costs and improved product quality. The information from...
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