Internship Report on Opsonin

Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Labour economics Pages: 37 (9736 words) Published: April 28, 2013
1. Introduction
1.1.Origin of the report
This report is prepared for Dr. Anwar Hossain as a partial requirement of the course “Manpower Planning and Personnel Policy”. 1.2.Objective of the report
The objective of this report was to analyze the environmental trend, manpower planning models, manpower-needs and personnel information system to forecast future need of manpower. We analyzed Opsonin Chemical Industries Limited organogram, future expansion and manpower requirement given by various divisions. Based on these findings I projected manpower requirement and planning for year 2003 - 2007 for Opsonin Chemical Industries Ltd. 1.3.Scope

This report looks into the key influences on manpower planning like relating manpower to the business, analyzing wastage etc. This report also study replacement policies and the need for labor market information and investigate the use of manpower models. Thus, it presents a projected manpower requirement and planning for year 2003 - 2007 for Opsonin Chemical Industries Ltd. 1.4.Methodology

First, I studied various manpower forecasting techniques and searched for an ideal organization where a formal technique is in practice. However, it was found that in Bangladesh there are few organizations that follow a formal manpower projection system. Out of those Opsonin Chemical Industries Ltd was one, which practices such technique in a limited scale. I personally visited their head office and interviewed HR personnel along with HR manager. The information and data I gathered were correlated with studied text materials. Finally, a projected manpower requirement and planning for year 2003 - 2007 for Opsonin Chemical Industries Ltd were presented in the tabulated form. The primary source of data was formal and informal meetings with human resources persnnel at Opsonin Chemical Industries Ltd. However, the main source of data for this report was secondary. I gathered relevant information from varios office documents of HR department, their brochiures, web site of Opsonin Chemical Industries Ltd, different articles published in journals on Opsonin Chemical Industries Ltd. 1.5.Limitations

While preparing this report, I encountered some limitations. First, I got the chance to analyze the manpower projection data of Opsonin Chemical Industries Ltd as provided by the organization for the year of 2003-2007, so it was difficult to project for a period of my choice. Second, I also could not gather some specific data since the company held them confidential. 2.0 HRM and Manpower Planning

Human Resources Management encompasses those activities designed to provide for and co-ordinate the Human Resources of an organization. Human Resources Management is also a modern term for what has traditionally been referred to as personnel administration or personnel management. Today’s Human Resources Management currently face several challenges. Some of the more significant issues include an increasingly diverse work force and changes in government regulations, Organization structures, technology and managerial approaches. Manpower projection is very much important for an organization. This kind of projection helps an organization to forecast its needed employees against vacant post. Manpower projection increases accuracy of job analysis and evaluation. So above all description emphasis on activity of Human Resources Department as well as manpower projection. In dynamic modern business environment Human Resources Department is an essential part of an organization. Now in modern business era, an organization cannot run without Human Resources Department. This importance increases the responsibility of Human Resources Department. 2.2.HR objectives

• To Forecast Annual Manpower for the organization
• To Recruit, select and develop Human resources for the organization • To evaluate performance with job responsibility performed • To reduced performance deviation by giving proper training...
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