Report to Lord Calvert

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Report to Lord Calvert

Dear Lord Calvert

You have asked me to tell you what I think it takes to make a successful Catholic colony in the “new world”. As you may know, there are many challenges and difficulties in making a successful colony but I hope the knowledge I will give more into this letter will help you. As you may have known, I have witnessed the growth and explored most of all the colonies in the so called “new world”, like the Spanish, Dutch, French, and also the English. So if you have any distrust, please, don’t. Let me first start off with this, the Spanish have had great success in making profit in the new world, but not in making colonies. There “iron fist” to force convert Indians into Catholic’s was not such a great idea, they had many wars and losses and lots of hate. Dividing there colonies. They have had great trade, which is key in making a good profit colony but, used a lot of forceful actions which isn’t good. Forced labor and forced conversion isn’t the way to go, so make sure your colonists don’t do it.

Unlike the forceful Spanish with your constant conquering, the French had a different approach, they did not use an “iron fist” to force convert the Indians. They traded with the ideas which is also good in making a profit, but don’t trade guns with Indians, because it will cause may Indians wars which is also not very good, even if its unintentionally like the French, they also did not force convert like the Spanish which was good. They had an okay colony but not great like the one I hope you will have.

The Dutch also had a same approach as the French, no forceful conversion like the Spanish, but do not make alliances, I know it sounds good, but for the sake of your colony, just don’t. The Dutch did but they killed many Indians which is not so good, trust me. You will have a lot of enemies and you know that isn’t good. The Dutch were weird people if I do say they had many myths and stories which were entertaining but, just...
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