The World to 1600

Topics: Christopher Columbus, Spain, Americas Pages: 1 (411 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Assignment #1 the World to 1600
The Spaniards had felt superior when it came to land of the “New World” because they thought the new world was undiscovered and because it was undiscovered they felt as if they had the rights to everything. The Spanish didn’t much care about the natives of the new world. They took land away from them and claimed it for themselves, killed, and believed that they were better than others. In “Of the Island of Hispaniola” the docment describes the horrendous treatment towards the Natives. “ Among these gentle sheep, gifted by their maker with the above qualities, the spaniards entered as soon as theyknew them, like wolves, tiger, and lions which had been starving for many days, and since forty years they have done nothing else; nor do they afflict ,torment…” All though the spanish are christians they act as if they where ruthless crimanls killing having no morose what so ever for other human beings. The main goal for many the spanish settlers was to find land on which they can settle on and build a colonie based on their beliefs. Majority of the settlers that have came to the americas tried to convert natives in to their principles and religion. Christopher Columbus’s letter to Ferdinand and Isabella has brief rules on how he is planning to organize and grow the colonies. In rule 4 he states “there shall be a church, and parish priests or friars to administer the sacraments, to preform divine worship, and for the conversion of the Indians.” He wants all who live in America to convert to their church. When they discovered the new world not only did they discover people but also plants and animals. In the document “The Columbian exchange” the settlers are introduced to many new plants like for example maize. Their attitude towards maize was they felt superior when it came to their wheat. “I do not think that maize is at all inferior to wheat in strength and nourishment…” In “Indians of the Rio Grande “the settlers have never seen a...
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