Early Settlers and Native Americans

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  • Published : April 29, 2011
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Early Settlers and Native Americans
The entire clash of two different cultures dates back all the way into the beginning of the early European arrival. All the different countries in Europe were all trying to find there own place in the new world by claiming the land for their country. The English were among one of the first Europeans to arrive in the new world; and establish the first permanent settlement called Jamestown. The English later extended their settlements along the Atlantic coast, colonizing Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay. It was not very long after the English arrived, came the French to the new world. They too were searching to acquire land for themselves. These new settlements claimed by the French in the America’s where later known as “New France”. About the same time the French were colonizing the north, the Spanish colonial empire became the biggest in the Americas. At its peak it included the largest Caribbean islands, all of Mexico and most of Central America, large sections of South America, Florida, and the southwestern quarter of what is now the United States. Every country that was established throughout the new world all in countered hardships and tough times adapting to the new world. It was not until the Native Americans came into the picture; that the early settlers would start to discover their unique way of survival. The Europeans knew that they had to come to a new world and fight to survive in the wilderness, but not realize that they were going to be crossed by Native Americans that had already been living in those areas the Europeans were trying to settle inn. For each country it was different facing the Native Americans in their region; the French, Spanish, and English all had to learn about the Native background and establish some type of good relationship with one another.

The French were among one of the few countries that establish a good and healthy relationship with the Native Americans right away. The French settlers...
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