Colonial: Colonialism and New World

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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The colonial establishment of European in North America began early as the 1490 into the1500s all the way into the 1700s. By the beginning of the eighteen century, there were three main colonial empires in the New World; the British, French, and Spanish empires. They had various differences in societal, economic, political, and religious outlooks. At the start of the seventeenth century the only colonial outpost on the North America mainland was controlled by Spain. Soon, other colonial empires, like the British and French became to rise. The Spanish settled mostly in the western and Southern part of the modern day, New Mexico, Texas, and California. Spanish conquest of the Americas began with the first voyage of Columbus in 1492. The Spanish goals were “God, Gold, and Glory.” This was spading the word of God while seeking gold and glory. The Spanish conquest was based off of their economy. They would conquest natives and enslaved them, making them work on plantations, working in gold and silver mines. The Spanish colonies were different in term of who were in the society. Spanish colonial efforts were the endeavors of men. Soon, those men marred local Indian women, making the Spanish colonies mixture of Spanish and Indians. God and religion was a major motivator with the Spanish seeking power. Spanish kings saw themselves as staunch defenders of Catholicism dispatched missionary throughout the colonies. The idea of Frontier of Inclusion by the Spanish was now became the main theme, where native people were introduce into colonial society. By 1750 New Spain saw a growing mestizo population as well as Hispanicized Indians from the old missions. The French colonies were slight unlike the British and Spanish. The French established it colonies the monopoly of trade for fur. The fur-trade was a major factor for the French colonial development. Unlike the English and Spanish, instead of killing or kicking the natives off their lands, the...
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