Colonial Mentality: Its Roots

Topics: Philippines, Colonialism, Pinoy Pages: 5 (1271 words) Published: February 6, 2013
I. Colonial Mentality
A. Definition
B. Symptoms of colonial mentality
C. History
1. Cultures and practices shared by foreign countries
a. America
b. Spain
c. Japan
II. How colonial mentality is inherited by Filipino individuals A. Denigration of the Filipino self
B. Denigration of the Filipino culture and body
C. Discrimination against less acculturated Filipinos
D. Tolerance and acceptance of historical and contemporary oppression of Filipinos III. Effects of Having Colonial Mentality
A. To Filipinos
B. To our country
C. To other countries
IV. Reducing the quantity of Filipinos who have colonial mentality

Do you recognize these brands of products: Adidas, Nike, Fila? Of Course you do! These are just a few of the many products we prefer rather than our own products made here like: MDSE, Otto. 7 out of 10 people choose these imported products rather than our local products. How come the sales of imported products are higher than our products? Is this a psychological disorder? How and when did we have this? Can this kind of mentality be reduced? The main reason why Filipinos have this kind of mentality is because of the countries who shared their culture and beliefs in our country.

Colonial mentality is the thinking that foreign talents and products are always better, and the local ones are poor or no quality at all. Colonial mentality is also defined as a form of internalized oppression, in which the colonizer’s values and beliefs are accepted by the colonized as beliefs and truths of their own; the colonized come to believe that the mores of the colonizer are superior to their own Symptoms of colonial Mentality:

1.A bowl of plastic fruits on the dining room buffet.
2.An imitation Levis bag or Lee Pipes jeans.
3.Plastic evergreen trees laden with absorbent cotton-snow for Christmas 4.Believing that Santa Claus is real.
5.Always saying “Ang sarap parang mansanas!”
6.Getting a nose and a bust lift to look like a foreigner.
7.Putting carpets and upholstered sofas at homes.
8.Putting an American or Japanese brand name on a local product so that it will sell. 9.Following the latest trends in an imported fashion magazine. 10.Dyeing one’s hair.
11.Skin-whitening products, including bleach are used to make their complexions lighter. History
Cultures and practices shared by America:
1.The Philippines became a democratic country.
2.Protestantism was introduced.
3.Boulevards, Zone Districts, and Leisure Houses were established. 4.Movies became popular.
5.Filipinos learned to play American games like boxing and football. 6.Foods like ice cream, cookies, and hamburgers were introduced. 7.Filipinos became more frank, and humorous.
8.“Pagmamano” was replaced by kissing the cheeks of parents and elders as a sign of respect. 9.The English language was widely taught all over the country. 10.Filipinos adopted American names.

Cultures and practices shared by Spain:
1.The Spanish language was introduced.
2.Catholicism was introduced.
3.Fruits and crops like avocado and sweet potato were introduced. 4.Foods like afritada, tocino, and picadillo were introduced. 5.Holidays like Christmas, Holy Week, and All Soul’s Day were adopted. Cultures and practices shared by Japan:

1.Use of jars for burials of bones.
2.Foods like tofu, hopia, lomi, bachoy, goto, siopao were adopted. 3.The “Sari-sari store” was introduced.
4.Kamisa de Chino was introduced as form of clothing.
5.Filipinos learned games like mahjong, sungka and flying kites. 6.Use of fireworks during celebrations especially the New Year. 7.Removing of slippers before entering the house.
How colonial mentality is inherited by Filipino individuals
According to the theories of Memmi (1965), Fanon (1965), and Frerie (1970), it is the internalization of the inferior perception that is imposed on him/her by the colonizer. Such internalization...
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