Report on Marketing Strategy of Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Limited

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Report on Marketing Strategy of Rahimafrooz Bangladesh Limited Rahimafrooz Bangladesh limited was established in 1950. As a trading company. Late A.C. Abdur Rahim was the proprietor in this time. From 1954  it was established as a limited company. In the new environment he had to start afresh. He had little capital. His main assets were self-confidence and a strong faith in the Almighty, which carried him through all the difficulties with a remarkable triumph. He finally established a small proprietary trading company named Rahimafrooz & Co, in Chittagong in 1950 which was later incorporated on 15th April 1954, which is now Rahimafrooz (Bangladesh) Ltd. Rahimafrooz   expanded rapidly into various trading items. The major milestones in  Rahimafrooz history can be summarized as below: Incorporated in 1954 by Mr. A.C. Abdur  Rahim

Distributorship of Lucas Battery in 1959
Exclusive distributorship of Dunlop tyre in 1978
Acquisition of Bangladesh operations of Lucas UK in 1980
First producer of industrial battery in 1985
Pioneering Solar Power in collaboration with BP in 1985
First ever battery export – to Singapore – in 1992
Launched Rahimafrooz Instant Power System in 1993
Acquisition of Yuasa Batteries (Bangladesh) Ltd. – in 1994 Attained ISO 9002 certification for RBL operations in 1997
First India office opened in Ahmedabad – in 2000
Awarded “Bangladesh Enterprise of the Year” in 2001
Attained ISO 14001:1996 for RBL operations
Launched “Agora” – the first ever retail chain in 2001 Launched Rahimafrooz Energy Service in 2002 – promoting distributed power. Established  Rahimafrooz CNG ltd. in 2003
Awarded “National Export Trophy” in 2003
Metronet Bangladesh, a fibre optic based digital solution provider for data communication,launched in joint venture with Flora Telecom – in 2004 Received McGraw-Hill Platt Global Energy Award for Renewable Energy in 2004 Received the “   Ashden Award” for Sustainable Energy in 2006 EPZ factory and RAL two new company developed – in 2008  1.1 ORIGIN OF THE REPORT:

This project   Report has been prepared as the fulfillment of the partial requirement of B.B.A Program. 1.2 OBJECTIVE OF THE REPORT
Our business courses are designed to help the students learning the technique and acquiring with skills needed effectively in management including planning, organizing, staffing, directing, motivating and controlling, problems in achieving organizational goals in differing managerial environments as a part in different management system. So the prime aim of the regarding report is to diagnosis a company regarding their operations & thus make a nice combination of my four years educational learning. The main objective of the report is marketing strategy of   Rahimafrooz ltd.  1.3 PURPOSE OF THE REPORT: 

 I take information for my report by two purposes.
The Primary purpose of this report is to partially fulfill the requirement of my Bachelor Degree. 1.5 SECONDARY PURPOSE:
Secondary sources include the internal documents like annual report company bulletin other research reports and brochures. 1.6SOURCE AND METHOD OF COLLECTING DATA:The report is organized by secondary source of data. Various report’s brochure, catalog, articles and journals, projects profile, dealer credit policy, and Rahimafrooz website is used in this regard.  1.7LIMITATION OF THE STUDY:

 Firstly, judging a company’s activity relative to competitor is not an easy task. This study has tried to figure out the key factors that has an effect towards the profitability of the company.  Secondly, analyzing the secondary data and comparing it with the primary data was a major problem in making the report. Thirdly, lack of adequate knowledge has a effect in   writing the report properly.  Chapter Two

Company history
Late A. C. Abdur   Rahim (1915-1982).
Rahimafrooz   Bangladesh Limited
A man of strict religious values, yet a believer in progressive dynamism, and a dreamer who...
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