Report on Existing Processes of Communication in an Organisation

Topics: Communication, Organization, Management Pages: 4 (1367 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Make a Report on existing processes of communication in an organisation. Communicate as noun, communicate (as verb) to other people, communicate (as verb) between other people, all this terms often used interchangeably, means the process which penetrates almost all activities covered by the people and organisational activity. Its essence is to establish and maintain contact, sharing knowledge, creating a sense of meaning and their transmission, coordinating the actions between the parties, which may be individuals, groups and organisations. Forms the basis of the management process, deciding about the failure or success of the organisation. Motivational and inspirational role of communication processes is one of the basic functions in the organisation. It covers the create a climate that is conducive to innovation, creativity and long-term commitment, over a standard set of responsibilities, for the benefit of the common vision of the future and the ways of its completion. Access to information on obtaining results, motivates to achieve better results. In practice, this is a management by communication . This indicates not only the fact that communication is a permanent feature of the management, but means something more – the benefits of knowingly and intentionally communicating in all management processes affecting on the effectiveness of the organisation. The communication process is a way of cause and effect, you can specify it using five simple questions: Who says? What he says? In what way? Who says? With what effect? Communication in classic management relates only to the communication of information and issue commands without waiting for receipt of response from the other side (the recipient).Abuse of communication within an organisation, it is combined with the authoritarian management style. The transition from the position of communicate only orders to communicate with other, to avoid misinterpretation and building a contact, which has specific...
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