Summary of “Management Communication: Principles and Practice”

Topics: Writing, Communication, Speech Pages: 3 (592 words) Published: March 24, 2013
1. Author – Michael E. Hattersley, Linda McJannet
Title - “Management communication: Principles and practice” Date of publication – 2008, Publisher – McGraw Hill International Edition Total number of pages (280) and pages I have read (3-17,237-257,257-69) 2. The main idea

This book is about the Management Communication. This book is about different types of communication, questions and problems with any manager could deal wiht. It shows how to write well and how to speak well. It gives information about making strategy for your managerial communication. 3. The structure of the text and the main problems discussed by the author The text consists of three chapters.

In the first chapter the author introduces the foundations of Management Communication. This chapter mainly shows elements of communication and qualities of effective communication. It also gives a realy good phrase, which everyone should remember “good communicators are good listeners”. In the second chapter the authors explains effective writing process. It describes basic elements of good writing. It is full of examples, expressions and useful notes, for example, giving a lot of small tips, which can help in every situation. This chapter gives the necessary information to get any document to be read and received in the way you want it. In the third chapter the authors describes methods of effective speaking. This chapter helps to improve manager’s speech for different reasosns. Also it recommends to prepare, make a structure for your speech or presentation. It shows how to effectively deliver your speech or presentation. 4. The reader’s opinion about the book

I prefer to read books about management because it gives me extra information and knowledge so i did enjoy reading this book. Book briefly gives information about the basics of Management Communications, as well the most useful tools for dealing with communication. Readers task is just to understand how and when...
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