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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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VOL 4, NO 10

M.A. Student of Business Management ,Islamic Azad University, Guilan, Iran

Abstract: Manpower planning is one of the most important tasks of human resource management that has a significant impact on other aspects of management performance. Lots of management difficulties will meet through effective planning to recruit efficient and experienced employees. Manpower is one the major resources of organization that plays an important role in its earnings and return. Reducing costs, employees training, associating with modern environmental and technological changes are several considerable advantages of human resource planning. Nowadays, organizations have arrived at this conclusion that to being successful in the world, there should be worldwide human resource managers and manpower planning. Close and mutual relationship between planning and information has resulted in developing and implementing the necessary information systems in organizations. This paper has tried to investigate the human resource information system. These information systems, by using data bases about organizations’ human resources are providing necessary data and information to manager's decision making, at different levels of organization. Here, in addition to express the necessity of using this type of system, nature, structure and its application, it has been tried to introduce the most important applicable considerations in its preparing, hardware and software characteristics and also some of the most important advantages of using this type of system. Keywords: Human Resources Information Systems; Human Resource Planning; Employees; Communications Technology 1- Introduction: Nowadays,the most part of daily activities of managers (approximately80 percent) are spendingto receive information, communicate and using information in different affairs of organization.Since the information is the base of all activities in an organization, there should be systems to produce and manage the data.The purpose of such type of systems isensuring providing proper and reliable information and ina usable format, when it is needed.Such systems have been called information systems.Manpower as a major asset of organization plays an important and key role in achieving the organization's objectives; therefore, one of the most important tasks of human resources managers is proper planning and managingthese resources.Human resource management, through efficient and effective planning, can provide the necessary amount and combination of the future human resources and/or promote the capabilities of current labor force. Construction of effective and efficient plans, as well as decision making in the domain of human resources requires information, especially processed information (Eric Bohlen, 2008).Expanding manager's activities and functions in domain of Human Resource Management, andcontinuous interaction between these activitiesand the necessity of coordinate planning in attracting, improving, maintaining and effective application of human resourcesas the most important strategic resource of each organization,creating a human resource information system,keeping up to date the

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VOL 4, NO 10


information, all has made this system, necessary in large organizations (Adreitta Throshani, KateJerome and Sally Rio; 2010). Human Resources Information Systems, HRIS, by producing, organizing, storing and distributing manpower information help the organization managersat various levels,inorder to make proper decisions.Nowadays the majority of successful companies are using human resource information systems to support daily operations of human...
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