Topics: English-language films, East Village, Manhattan, Alphabet City, Manhattan Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: May 28, 2013
I watched the live production of “RENT”. The biggest issue in the musical “RENT” was that, everyone was poor, and HIV positive, and was struggling to survive in Alphabet City in Manhattan, New York. They were all young musical artist. The musical “RENT” showed how times can be hard for people, and some don’t notice due to the fact that they have everything they need in life, like money. One of the characters in the musical use to be a part of the group and then later on forgot his morals and where he started from I definitely think that was a big point of attack.

The musical started off with Roger and Mark in the lot. Roger has been going through an issue that his girlfriend committed suicide because he passed her on aids. Mark was his roommate and was into film, his girlfriend left him for another female. Mimi was an erotic dancer who was also had a sickness of HIV. Who later fell in the musical fell in love with Roger. The irony was the fact that Mimi and Roger both had strong feelings for each other and tended to hide them.

The protagonist of “RENT” is Mark. He had a lot to overcome throughout the whole musical. The antagonist of the musical was Benjamin Coffin, who was the local landlord. He also uses to be the roommate of Mark in “RENT”. While everyone was struggling to survive as young artist Benjamin was nothing but a nasty nag to all his former roommates. Another complication in the musical was when Tom Collins loses his girlfriend Alex who was a drag queen. Well I really meant a boyfriend you know where I’m going with this. It was tremendous impact on Tom because they were in love with each other. But was shocking the most was when Benjamin decided to give a helping hand to Tom for Alex’s funeral. It wasn’t expected from him because of the way he uses to nag and treat his former roommates. But I guess everyone has their own time to come around.

The objective of Roger was to overcome his fear of having AIDS and still strive to make it...
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