How to Find a Room for Rent

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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A room for rent is not the same as an apartment for rent. A room for rent is typically one bedroom in a house with shared common areas such as the kitchen and living room. People looking for roommates to share housing expenses commonly advertise rooms for rent. It's easy to find a room for rent, and there are a couple good ways to do it. First, pick up a daily newspaper at your local. Newspaper classifieds often have separate categories for apartments and rooms for rent .Have an idea of how much you want to spend for rent, what areas of town you're willing to live in, and what kind of amenities you require . Look for ads that meet your criteria. Next, Contact the person who took out the ad. It's a good idea to check the place out before committing to rent. Visit the classified ads section of the newspaper's website if you don't find any good offerings in print. Newspapers sometimes have new ads online that have yet to make it into the printed paper. Visit This website has a database of thousands of people looking for roommates in many cities across the country. Search for a room. You can join for free as a member, or just do a quick search for rooms for rent. Under the "Tim Kiem Nhanh" tab on the homepage, you can select your city, price or area. Look over the search results. Each result will include the gender and age of the person renting the room, the location of the room, the type of dwelling (such as townhouse, condo or single-family home) and the amount of rent. You need to be a member to view more details and contact information. Easier, you can watch the papers on wall or electric pole or ask your friends, acquaintances. Give them your telephone number, they will contact you if they have empty room. Good luck to you to find a good room.
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