Topics: Renting, Rental agreement, Leasehold estate Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: June 1, 2013
THIS LEASE made as of -August 1,2010-------------------BETWEEN ---Gregorio &Editha Andrada------------------------(THE LANDLORD) and ---Mary Jane Duyag-------------------------------------------------(THE TENANT). LEASE.The Landlord leases to the Tenant 7208 Beakrush Lane,Winter Garden,Florida 34787(the Premises) for a term of beginning on August 1,2010 and ending on August 1,2011(the term).Any occupancy by the Tenant of the Premises shall be subject to the present tenant vacating the Premises. RENT.The Tenant shall pay the Landlord in the amount of $850.00 per month on the first day commencing August 1,2010. RENTAL DEPOSIT.THE Tenant agrees to pay the Landlord,upon signing this lease, the sum of $850.00 as prepaid rent to be applied toward the last month's rent of the term.The Landlord agrees to pay the Tenant interest on such amount at the rate prescribed by law. UTILITIES. The Tenant agrees to pay all costs for the supply of utilities to the Premises including electricity,gas,hot water,telephone and cable television,and to pay any deposits required by the suppliers of any such utilities. PARKING.THE Tenant shall have the right to park one automobile in the parking lot outside the building. USE & OCCUPANCY OF PREMISES. The Tenant agrees to use the Premises for Residential purposes only and for no other purpose and not to allow the Prtemises to be occupied or otherwise used by anyone other than the Tenant and the following persons listed below: Name Age Relationship Janery Mae Duyag 13 daughter Khristine Joy Duyag 8 daughter OVERDUE RENT. The Tenant agrees to pay the Landlord interest of 15%/annum,& $30.00 for bounced cheque.
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