Educating Rita a Social Comedy

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  • Published : June 2, 2013
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A Literature Class and a “Social” Comedy
It is a British movie based on a play written by Willy Russell that narrates the relationship of the two main characters: Susan (who asks to be called as Rita at the beginning of the story) and Dr. Frank Bryant. Susan is a young lady who belongs to the working-class, she works as a hairdresser and is about to get marry with her boyfriend, even though, after knowing Dr. Frank Bryan, she experiences a sense of freedom that leads her to leave behind the oppression she is living with his boyfriend and to get rid of the patriarchal regime in which she is immerse. Dr. Frank Bryant is a middle-aged man who works in a university as a lecturer, he is an alcoholic who has taken the tutorship to pay for his drink; the play opens as 'Rita' meets her tutor, Frank, for the first time. It is important to remark the moment in which Susan starts studying in the university; her objective was to get education once again in order to leave her actual situation of poverty. Nevertheless, she was not totally convinced about her capabilities, that is the reason why she seems pessimistic at the beginning of her academic training in literature, because she did not trust in her academic skills. Notwithstanding, when she begins her academic formation with Dr. Bryant, despite her objective was to study for her literature tests, he teaches her to know herself and make her own decisions freely; this aspect will influence her behavior since that moment to the end of the story. Is at this point in which the literature class turns into a social comedy, taking into account the comic events in which operate the two characters, besides the metamorphosis process that crosses Rita-Susan during the development of the story in which is shown an outlandish character who talks in an inappropriate way and is considered as an opposition to the rules of high society, and then it appears a character who eventually turns into a cultured...
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