Renaissance - English Enhancement Worksheets

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  • Published : April 18, 2012
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S2 Topic 1
The Renaissance

Explanatory Notes to Teachers

Topic:The Renaissance
Supporting Teaching Materials: Students’ worksheet

Students’ Prior Knowledge
Before this ELA unit, students have learnt about the masterpieces and inventions during the Renaissance. In these lessons, they should have learnt some English terms related to this topic.

Aims and Objectives
I. Content Objectives
After the ELA activities, students should be able to
1. learn about the features of the Renaissance
2. understand the causes of the Renaissance
3. study why the Renaissance began in the Italian peninsula 4. learn about the features of Renaissance art, literature, science and architecture 5. effects of the Renaissance on Europe

II. Language Objectives
After the ELA activities, students should be able to
1. understand and use the English terms related to the topics (e.g. Crusades, Roman Catholic Church, humanism, indulgences, voyages of discovery, St. Peter’s Basilica); 2. use past tense to describe the features and life during the period of Renaissance (e.g. Leonardo da Vinci was one of the famous artists during the Renaissance. He was an Italian. He painted the “Mona Lisa”.); 3. use English to exchange information orally through asking questions, e.g., -Why did the Renaissance first begin in Italy?

-Who painted the “Mona Lisa”?
-What were the influences of the Renaissance on Europe? -How was the theme of arts during the Renaissance different from that of medieval times? 4. use the connectives (e.g. with reference to, in view of, according to, regarding, given that and in respect of) in quoting references

5.use correct phrasal verbs (e.g. made of , made by, made for, built for amd built by) to complete a close passage on the Renaissance.


1. The teacher gives students Exercise 1 and asks them to complete the chart about the masterpieces and inventions during the Renaissance.

2. With the phrasal verbs provided in the worksheet, the teacher will ask students to complete Exercise 2 by filling in the missing verbs.

3. The teacher give students Exercise 3 and ask them to match the words about the Renaissance with the corresponding meaning.

Exercise 1

|Names of the masterpieces and inventions during the Renaissance | Creators / Inventors | |1. The School of Athens | | |2. The Last Supper | | |3. telescope | | |4. movable-type printing press | | |5. The Merchant of Venice | | |6. The Divine Comedy | | |7. The Mona Lisa | | |8. Pieta | | |9. The Decameron | | |10. The Last Judgement | |

Exercise 2

Make use of the following phrases to fill in the blanks given.

|Verb |Usage...
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