Relationship Characteristics

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  • Published : February 11, 2011
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CheckPoint: Relationship Characteristics
Vanessa Lewis
February 9, 2011
Axia College

CheckPoint: Relationship Characteristics
The four characteristics that define intimate relationships are behavioral interdependence, needs fulfillment, emotional attachment, and emotional availability. Behavioral interdependence is how people affect one another mutually daily as their lives link. One person influences what the other wants to do, and can do. Relationships that have intimacy fulfill psychological needs and through other relationships one can fulfill needs such as intimacy, social integration, nurturance, assistance, and affirmation. Emotional attachment within relationships involves strong bonds, such as love, sex, religious beliefs, and sharing. The last characteristic is emotional availability that means the ability to give and receive emotionally without the feelings of hurt or rejection. Building relationships involve a degree of risk because no one knows what the other is bringing to the relationship (especially when it is new), until one can share, trust, and care. The three ingredients to a healthy relationship are good communication, trust, and respect. If there is no trust, respect, or communication there will not be a successful relationship. If one wants to build a strong relationship one partner must respect the other and know that though he/she may be a couple, he/she is still individuals. A good relationship also requires good communication. One must be able to communicate with the other no matter what the topic and no matter whether he/she disagrees. Finally, no relationship can grow without trust. Trust is major within a relationship. Without trust one can begin to have feelings of jealousy, mistrust, and resentment thus, causing break-up and sometimes even worse. The five common bonds shared by friends as well as lover is, nurturance, enhancement of personal well being, mutual regard, mutual trust, and...
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