Com200 Week 3 Assignment 1

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Psychology, Communication Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: July 23, 2012
You and I
Amy Nigreville
COM200: Interpersonal Communications
Instructor Elizabeth Cowan
July 23, 2012

You and I
It is not uncommon for people to say that relationships are based upon trust. Although love alone plays a major role in a successful relationship, obstacles found within trust boundaries are often tested and played out. It is equally important to express your self-disclosure as it is to receive your partners. Communication can either make or break a relationship depending on how far one is willing to trust the other. After reading “Can We Talk? Researcher Talks About the Role of Communications in Happy Marriages” and reviewing on my own personal relationship status, I am in conclusion that good communication between interpersonal relations are key to a successful relationship/marriage.

Article “Can We Talk? Researcher Talks About the Role of Communications in Happy Marriages” suggests that if we continue to keep our interpersonal communication relationships open and not become strangers of self-disclosure we are more likely to have stronger relationships. Taking risks is the only way we can learn and feel and grow and have meaningful relationships (Sole, 2011).On a personal note, I feel that I can relate to this article with me and my current boyfriends relationship. When we first dated my boyfriend was not very interested in making our relationship steady, he refrained from talking about his family or any personal life details. Our relationship seemed doomed from the beginning but after staying together for a while and becoming more serious we both opened up about our private lives, communicating from the same intensity level. Our relationship communication strength alone helped create the constantly increasing successful relationship that we share.

From experience I have learned that self-disclosure is very important in a successful relationship. Without being able to tell who we are, how were we expected to learn the truth about one...
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