Relationship Characteristics

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Relationship Characteristics
Amanda Fuller
February 22, 2013
Chantel Vicks

Relationship Characteristics
A love relationship in my present life is my boyfriend, we have been together on and off for five years. I am using him as an example because I already know what could make this relationship stronger and what can make it last. I have commitment issues thus the on and off of our relationship. When things get tough I tend to do something to break up the relationship. I think in order to strengthen the relationship I need to work out my commitment issues. I know precisely why I have commitment issues I just do not want to dig up old memories and deal with them. I know that is not the best approach especially when it comes to my mental health but it is easier to run than to stay and deal. Another thing that my boyfriend and I can do to strengthen our relationship is to communicate with one another more and not just chit-chat to break the silence. I believe that if we talked more about how we felt and what has been going on in our lives, our relationship would be a lot stronger. Our relationship is strong now but I think that it still needs work and some tender loving care. Not any one relationship is perfect and everyone needs to work on themselves as much as the relationships they have in their lives.

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