Relationship between God, Family, Society: Coexistence of Computers and Relationships

Topics: Jesus, Recursion, Electrical engineering Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Faith Integration Paper
(Relationship between God, Family, Society)

In the field and study of computer science in relation to one’s relationship to others, I believe they can co-exist and that computer science can complement the Christian faith, if kept in perspective. For example, both computer science and Christianity affect the lives of other’s worldwide, especially loved ones at large. As computer science makes technological advances and progresses in discovering and applying new technology, we are able to do more in reaching out and keeping in touch with those who are close to us, for example our parents, society and, more importantly to God. With this in mind, the opportunities are limitless as knowledge increase and evolve, intertwining into the fabric of our relationship to others, thus benefiting others in an ever changing world. Computer science provides an opportunity to learn various ways of communicating to our family with knowledge and information and to others in many areas that would have been very difficult to access otherwise. One fine example is keeping in touch with loved ones who live overseas or perhaps maintain that important continuity of relationship, by letting others know that they are loved and respected. With computer technology, there are many websites that provide knowledge ample opportunities of maintaining communications with friends and family, while at the same time utilizing the opportunity of propagating the gospel of Christ as God the Father intended for us to do so. From a societal perspective, churches play an important part, as we maintain some form of relationship by attending different churches and adhering to their beliefs and activities, where it makes it easier to choose where to go, especially utilizing their website, if possible, to access sermons online that they want to listen to. The various modes of communications that are prevalent in today’s computer science are insurmountable compared to a couple...
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