Take a Stand Essay

Topics: Computing, Analog computer, Konrad Zuse Pages: 3 (1143 words) Published: December 5, 2010
Will Brenes
English 11B
October 7, 2010

Take a Stand- “People have become too dependent on computers.”
In 1981, IBM sold the first "PC", made from an 8088 processor with a clock speed of 4.77 MHz. It wasn’t the first computer ever made, but it was the first computer sold to ordinary people. We have moved on, we have made changes, and we have progressed to enhance computers. Computers have found their way into many aspects of our lives. In most cases computers make things easier for us. Computers have helped us so much, yet people seem to think we have come to be too dependent on them. Are computers really hurting our lifestyles? They have allowed us to learn, to communicate, and to organize making life just a little less stressful. Computers are great for the future of our world and will be greatly needed as we have many more things to discover in the near future and beyond. People may complain and argue that computers are just too much but they will see the truth when life needs more organization ,more communication and more education. Yes we could survive without computers, but the truth is… do we want to when we realize just what a computer can do for us. Computers are a central data base with thousands of resources instruments and tools that can help change the way we live. Yes we can use books and other resources to learn, but isn’t it nice to highlight the facts we need to know and take out the rest. Furthermore I will continue to discuss the reasons why computers are good and why we have not become overly dependent on them.

Dependency is a strong word. I find it to mean almost total reliance on something. People do not have total reliance on computers. I think the average person who owns a computer uses it just enough to balance his or her lives in a correct manner. To some people they call that too much dependence? Let me give you some valuable reasons we should not deny our rights to use a computer as much as we want without being called...
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