Related Literature for Direct Selling

Topics: Poverty, Social network, Social network service Pages: 7 (2657 words) Published: August 24, 2012
The rapid increase of prices of first class commodities in the country, and the very low income of the Filipinos made major impact in the unstoppable increase of more and more people saying that they are poor. Poverty cannot be ended if the one only increasing is the prices of basic needs of people. All of us are dreaming of a happy and bountiful life in the future, but how can you fulfill that dream if you cannot even send your children to school most especially in college. Most of the companies in the country require highest educational attainment from aspirants. And that is one of the reasons of the numerous unemployed and underemployed individuals in the country. The only constant in the world is change. In a world where the only fittest survive, one must know how to adopt and embrace changes. Venturing a business nowadays is like taking a step towards a future of no surety; surety of success and failures. In putting up business, one must have a large amount of capital. A successful business man possesses a sort of knowledge, creativity, passion, ambition, determination, hard work and self-confidence. You must know the nature of the business you entered. Educate yourself on how to your business prosper. In this generation much technology has been developed. One of these technologies is the computer , which commonly use in Business Company , schools and etc. Technology has a great use in the field of business not only to business but also in the study. Technology caused also a serious problem. Population shifts to cities result in overcrowding. Social networking can help small businesses in a big way. Networking sites became popular around the world. Networking sites are web-base service e that building an online community of people that share same interest, or activities and explore others people interest Businesses are increasingly using business social networks as a means of growing their circle o f business contacts and promoting themselves online . In business world, healthy competition is good. It encourages individuals to pursue and perform at their very best. It also serves as wake up call in times they must double their effort. You must know how to balance work from your personal life. Government is always finding ways to end poverty in the country. One of their solutions to end poverty is venturing internationally, that is also the reason why more and more skilled workers are migrating to other countries just to work and serve other countries despite of the fact that we lacked skilled workers in the country. Most of us nowadays, dreamed of a high salary to support our family’s basic needs. Most competent students nowadays failed to continue their tertiary education due to a soaring tuition fees in all of the colleges and universities. As a parent, one job is not enough to support their education. You must have a second or even third job to earn extra in come to sustain them. In general these networking tools allow professionals to build up their circle of business partners they trust. Networking business is one of the answers to end or even lessen the numbers of unemployed and underemployed individuals in the country. Networking is a socioeconomic business aiming to give extra income and livelihood to their members. In this kind of business, you will learn how to interact with people of different ages, belief and races. The reason the existence of networking is for business purposes for a business minded person. In order to succeed in this kind of business, one must possess creativity, knowledge, perseverance, determination and hard work. It is suitable to those who are not employed that need income. Networking offers unlimited earning opportunity. This business does not require highest educational attainment, as long as you are determined to work. In this business, no capital required. They are the one giving you capital to start your own business. All you have to do is maintain it and improve it. They can...
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