Kalatas - Film Reaction Paper

Topics: Mother, Family, Sibling Pages: 4 (872 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Reaction Paper
SS11 – B1

Ildefonso, Daryl M.

1. What social issues do the following episodes of the film present? Expound each of the issues by citing sociological concepts which were discussed in class. 

a) Ang Liham ng isang OFW
* global financial crisis
As we experience the effect of global financial crisis, undoubtedly we are facing the so-called, “pagtanggal ng mga empleyado.” As we watch this movie, we have seen that the firing of Ronaldo from his job was senseless. He was fired for a ___________. For me it was a ________, because he choses to fired him instead of give benefits so that his company will be more successful through the hardwork of an one employee who is Ronaldo. after the day he was fired, he undergo the depression that results to a insufficiency in sustaining the needs of the family. I know how hard to be fired from a company where you exerted efforts but one should learn to move on and go forward, not to pause and for a long period of time. Because whatever we do in our lives, the time keeps on running without any pause through out the days, weeks, months, and years. But what did Rolando do? He neglected his duty as a father. At this point, the functionalism is already malfunctioned. Because the father who supposed to sustain the needs of family is

* Early Marriage

* Poverty
This is the most common problem we have now here in the Philippines. There is a so-called poverty because people were not given a chance to study. How is it related to the poverty? In order for an individual to work, he/she should have reached the minimum educational attainment required for a certain job; unfortunately, not all Filipinos were given a chance to be educated due to the hindrances that prevents them to acquire knowledge. However, these individuals can acquire knowledge through the natural things surrounds us and also the things

* Lack of Available Jobs

* Gives up easily
we all know that in every challenges, there...
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