Rehtorical Analysis from Evan Williams Ad

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  • Published : November 11, 2008
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Rhetorical Analysis: Evan Williams Advertisement
For years sex has been used in advertising to attract attention and sell products. It is considered one of the greatest tools in advertising and marketing to catch interest, maintain that interest, and introduce a product somehow related to some aspect of that interest. The use of sexual appeal in advertising can be anything from the basic idea of using attractive models to extremely overt sexual implications. There are many controversies involved in the use of sexual appeal in advertising that are often proposed by conservatives, religious organizations, feminists, and concerned citizens, such as parents of impressionable children. Each of these groups see the use of sexual appeal in advertising in a different way but each can agree to label such advertising as obscene. To many of the groups it is intolerable for the mainstream media because of the way that it sets a standard for beauty and normality. Many Feminist groups are at the front of opposing advertisements using sexual appeal because they feel that these types of arguments objectify women. These groups feel that this type of degradation and indecent exposure are not for the eyes of the major population and that it should not be allowed in public display. In this analysis I am responding to the attached an Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey advertisement, in which there is a split page with one side depicting a dull young girl, while the other side attracts your attention with bright colors and a scantily dressed woman with stereotypical blonde hair and blue eyes. Along with this comparison is the statement, “the longer you wait the better it gets” and the photographs are labeled, “before aging,” and “after aging.” The argument made by the company is that their whiskey tastes better than other whiskeys because it has been aged for some time. This statement is supposed to be qualified by the comparison between the two photographs. On the left,...
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