Regionalization and Marketing Mix Strategies of a Company

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University of Halmstad School of Business and Engineering Master’s Program in International Marketing

Regionalization and Marketing Mix Strategies of a company (A study of Telecommunication Company)

Dissertation in International Marketing 30 ECTS 9 th November, 2006 Authors: Awan, Anam ul Haq Ali, Shahzad Supervisor: Gabriel Baffour Awuah



First of all we are thankful to our almighty creator who bestowed us the courage to complete this work. Then well wishes and heartiest prays of our parents have the right to be acknowledged here. Besides it, various individuals have contributed directly and indirectly to this thesis. Through out the study, we interacted with Telenor’s lady Hilde Widerøe Wibe (communications) and she always welcomed us in her office. We are thankful to the management and specially their department of governmental affairs, which gave us the opportunity to conduct interview with right personnel. Specially thanks for two persons, Professor Svante Andersson, teacher of international marketing at university and the managing director of Dormer Tools (Sweden), Mr. Erling Gunnesson, whom advice gave us a direction for our study. Finally we would like to acknowledge our profound gratitude to our tutor, Professor Gabriel Baffour Awuah for his magnificent guidance, patience and encouraging manners.

Halmstad, 9th of November 2006 Awan, Anam ul Haq Ali, Shahzad


Our study deals with the concept of regional trade blocs or open borders (Nordic Region) and their impact on the Marketing Mix Strategies of the firm. The purpose of our study is to analyze the regionalization concept as company point of view and then its impact on the marketing mix strategies of a company operating in Nordic Region. To get the appropriate data for this, we studied a telecommunication company based in Norway and operating in Denmark and Sweden as well. We adopted the inductive approach and case study method, and our study is based on our research findings, on the basis of which we developed our own model. The model discusses certain variables and factors which influence the marketing mix decisions of the company. The study results show that company felt the reality of open market and trying to get the advantages of this opportunity by modifying or reorganizing its marketing mix strategies according to the open market conditions. Innovation and product development according to the customer demands in different markets forced the company to take attention about their product line and product components. Competition in local and regional market forced the company and they based their price strategy on competition so competition became a driving force for the company’s price strategy. Open borders gave a number of alternatives to position the products and Telenor is using different distribution channels which vary from market to market and country to country. Company adopted trans-border strategy for the easiness of their end consumers and used different brand names in different markets but with single logo at all.


TABLE OF CONTENT 1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 REGIONALIZATION (Background) 1.2 Regional Trade Blocs 1.2.1 The European Union: Growing Family 1.2.2 The Single Market: Banning The Barriers 1.2.3 The European Economic Area: EEA 1.3 PROBLEM STATEMENT 1.4 PURPOSE 1.5 Delimitation of the Study 2. METHODOLGY 2.1 METHODS AND APPROACHES 2.1.1 Research Approach 2.1.2 Induction or Deduction 2.2 DATA COLLECTION 2.2.1 Secondary Data 2.2.2 Primary Data 2.3 SOURCES OF EVIDENCE 2.4 SELECTION OF COMPANIES AND INTERVIEWEES 2.5 DATA VALIDITY AND RELIABILITY 2.5.1 Validity 2.5.2 Reliability

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3.1 FORCES BEHIND MARKET INTEGRATION 3.1.1 Improved Communications 3.1.2 Greater Revenue 3.1.3 Lower Cost of Goods Sold 3.1.4 Protection of Domestic Market 3.1.5 Attack in Competitors Home Market 3.2 FACTORS WHICH...
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