International and Domestic Marketing Comparison Paper: India and the United States

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International and Domestic Marketing Comparison Paper:
India and the United States
Nations, like the people who inhabit them, are all different. Some, like the United States, are at the forefront of technology and development. Others exist as third world nations, where even the most basic necessities are hard to come by. And then there are those which are in the middle, such as India. In the past 20 years, India has grown in the eyes of the global community from a rural, developing nation to a burgeoning global marketing hub. While India had much guidance from the United States and other global powers, the country has still chosen to follow its own path of business and marketing development. This paper is designed to evaluate India's current marketing environment in comparison with the marketing environment here in the US, citing both nation's similarities and differences. India's Marketing Strategy

India is a nation that is on the move towards becoming one of the leaders in the global economy. While the country still has a long way to go, it is making significant strides towards competition with nations such as the United States and England. Indian leaders have been moving towards "a five-point agenda that includes improving the investment climate; developing a comprehensive WTO strategy; reforming agriculture, food processing, and small-scale industry; eliminating red tape; and instituting better corporate governance" (Cateora & Graham p. 56, 2007). These steps are geared to begin India's transformation from a third world nation into a global economic leader. The current marketing environment in India is in transition, with both similarities and differences in comparison to the marketing environment in the US. Culture

The first and likely most complex influence on both nations' marketing is culture. A country's culture is a mesh of a people's beliefs, values, societal institutions, religions, laws, and attitudes, among others....
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