Reflective Practices and Adult Learning Principles

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  • Published : October 25, 2011
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1.0 Authors Claim
The passage dwells on the ‘Principles of Learning’ in developing reflective practices to educate adult learners and discusses the framework which distinguishes an adult from a juvenile learner. According to the authors (K. Roglio and G. Light), it is essential for any educator to let the learner’s embed their experience into their learning process at an executive level or in higher education. Thus, claiming that it is imperative for any educator to incorporate the learner’s beliefs and theories into once learning. Also, provide the learners with the opportunity to understand the relation between their decisions and its effect on the society as a whole. Thereby, acting as a catalyst to learn, reframe and remodel their experience and help in reformulating their common operational assumptions. Learners should also have the practical knowledge, responsibility and the readiness and motivation to learn in order to extract maximum potential from the executive program. Hence, the process of experiential learning, development of reflective practices and the process of adult learning have illustrated the need to develop ‘Executive education’ programs.

2.0 Supportive Evidence
The authors cite various academic references to support their claim. “... the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience.” (Kolb, 1984) Kolb referred to knowledge as a transformation of experience and the necessity for higher educators to combine work and study, theory and practice to provide productive arena for learning. “... learners can begin to realize the possibility of reframing experience through reformulating taken for granted operating assumptions” (Raelin and Coghlan, 2006:4) Raelin and Coghlan state that by combining reflective opportunity with work experience, one can generate practical learning and knowledge for action. “.... we become adults when we arrive at a self-concept of being responsible for own lives, of being self...
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