Promote Professional Development

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Promote Professional Development

Compare models of reflective practice

Reflective practice is an essential means of developing basic skills and knowledge into expert skills and knowledge. Repetition of a particular skill enables a worker to become more competent in [performance, and eliminates poor practice. Workers can assist their team mates to improve their performance. Reflective practice helps workers think about how they could change their way of working – or should change their way of working by thinking ahead and using a structure to suit an activity. Donald Schon (1983) identified that learning in practice could be enhanced by 2 different kinds of activity – Reflection in-action and Reflection on-action. Reflection in-action requires workers to think ahead and reflect on what they are doing, and to revise actions in the light of that reflection. Reflection on-action is an activity that requires workers to analyse information from activities thay have been engaged with. A model is a tool to provide structure to an activity and it is important to choose the one that suits your style. Whichever model is selected, it is the learning that results from the activity that is the significant thing – learning that is either confirmation that behavior is appropriate or learning that suggests a need to gain more information. Many models are constructed around the use of structured questions to prompt reflection in a logical and systematic manner. My team have a yearly assessment for Manual Handling training. They have to take part in practical activities. They work in groups using both in-action and on-action models, practicing techniques and manoevres and then analyzing the activities. Structured questions are given each year to be completed by all staff. Discussions take place around incidents, accidents and risk, and staff learn from each other, and identify what they need to learn. They are then signed as being competent. By being at a...
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