Reflective-Narritive Essay

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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Brody Williams
September 19, 2012
Piggott High School
Reflective-narrative essay

I sit here looking out at our farm and realizing it’s almost graduation. I am caught up in emotion wondering what it will be like to move on and experience life somewhere else and just as I am about to start filling out college applications my grandpa drives by on his mule. The emotion of time moving forward and his appearance has caused me to reflect upon the many summer vacations that he I had together. We traveled to Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Minnesota, and lots of different places in Arkansas. We’ve been camping, canoeing, horseback riding, sightseeing, and just visiting relatives. We have spent many hours together in a vehicle and in a canoe. He has shaped my outlook on life and has always tried to teach me about our family history even though he might have exaggerated a bit. My most memorable canoe trip was also our last canoe trip. I was about ten years old when we embarked on this short but eventful and informative trip. It was a Monday morning when pawpaw (my grandpa) called mom and asked if I wanted to go camping with him. He was meeting some friends for a trail ride and I usually went along because they had grandkids too and we rode horses and played in the river together. He said to get stuff packed and have me at the house in thirty minutes and we would load the horses and head to Doniphan. I was ready in ten. We loaded up and headed out. We weren’t gone for very long but to me it seemed like forever. I began with the “how much longer” question and he decided to tell me some family history. My pawpaw is half Indian but he really makes a big deal of it. The thing is you never really know if he is telling the truth about all of it or not. As we are driving along I notice a sign that says falling rock. This is where the questionable truth comes into play. I asked pawpaw what that sign meant and he said “ahhh, Falling Rock is a cousin of yours,...
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