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  • Published : September 8, 2012
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Chris Mex
Reflection Paper
April 22, 2012

I felt great about volunteering at Indianapolis Humane Society throughout the whole entire process of completing this assignment. I learned that Indianapolis Humane Society is very passionate about the welfare of animals and improving their quality of lives. I love animals so I was ecstatic about working at the Humane Society. Indy Humane provide direct services for shelter animals such as cats and dogs through adoption, foster home placement, appropriate medical care and affordable spay and neuter services. Indy Humane is a non-for-profit organization, which is one the requirements for completing the community service project. This organization receives their funds from private donors, corporation donors, adoption fees and other goods and services such as retail items and canine training school.

I didn’t encounter any “glitches” in the planning or in the execution of this project. I used the internet to find information about how to volunteer at Indy Humane. My project helped Indy Humane by upkeeping the building by sweeping and moping floors and attending to as many animals as I could by feeding and walking them. This project benefited me by helping me improve my interpersonal skills such as being more interactive with customers and volunteers and taught me how to be responsible for others such as making sure all the sheltered animals are accounted for and making sure all the other volunteers are working on their assigned tasks.

Once I completed my project, I do believe I prepared well enough to complete the task. I do believe I could have volunteered more hours at the shelter to get a better understanding of how the shelter has impacted so many animals’ lives but because of my hectic schedule, I could only volunteer for the minimum eight hours. I will definitely continue to volunteer for Indy Humane in the future because the staff was very welcoming and I had a great connection with the animals....
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