Reflective Journal

Topics: Motivation, Employment, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 4 (1067 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Individual Reflective Journal
From the course “People in organization” I learnt about the importance of people and how to value a person in the organization. This subject thought me to respect every one working in the organization and I also learnt how to manage time and stress, to resolve conflict, to communicate, to maintain relationship, to motivate and to work in diversified team. interactive sessions and presentations during the lectures and tutorials increased my confidence. After the course, there was tremendous improvement in self, learnt how to manage a human resource. Now after this course I can handle critical situation and can solve problems easily. I understood the physiological barriers of the people, which affect the company’s growth directly. The case studies helped me to understand the various issue happening in an organization and how to tackle those situations. Majority of people face issue in communication. This module, explains the various methods of communications. I learnt how to keep my subordinates in reachable limit through friendly approach and I also learnt the Interpersonal skills which is very important for a businessmen and managers to run an organization. Overall, this subject enriched my knowledge about various aspects and skills required for a good leader. I have acquired skills and knowledge from this subject which will be very useful for career growth. The skill that carried me away in this subject is motivation. Before this session I was not sure what motivation exactly means but now I can classify motivation. Need

Satisfaction or

When I talk about motivation I remember an incident that happened in my work life a year ago. I was working in a customer support role and one day my manager came to me and said that the client will be coming tomorrow and I need to present the last quarter report in conference room before client. I was totally blank as I have never done any presentation...
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