Reflective Diary

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What Happened
I am currently enrolled on a 7407-1 course and as part of that course I had to produce 10 – 12 reflective journals.  These journals can reflect professional and personal experiences and play an important part in a teacher’s development.  I decided that I would research the different views of reflective journals in the hope that it would improve my own understanding.  

reflective teaching requires that public theories are translated into personal ones and vice versa, unless teachers are going to allow themselves to be turned into low-level operatives, content with carrying out their tasks more and more efficiently, while remaining blind to larger issues of the underlying purposes and results of schooling. Griffiths and Tann (1991, P100)

Reflective journals play a major part in the City & Guilds 7407 course; these journals document the professional and personal development of the individual that writes them, the practice of writing journals is known as reflective practice.  Although I struggle somewhat with reflective journals I consider them good practice and one example of this is that I now make more notes some of these notes make up the content of a journal, before I did reflective journals I hardly ever made notes.  

Action Points
Reflective practice is important and I have decided that I will read considerable materials on reflective journals, it is important that I understand the need for reflective journals and that I keep a reflective log that continues to improve my personal and professional development.  

Griffiths M and Tann S (1991) Ripples in the Reflection, in Lomax, P.(Ed.)Managing Better Schools and Colleges: The Action Research Way Clevedon: Multilingual Matters.
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