Reflective Diary

Topics: Liverpool John Moores University, Computer, Learning Pages: 4 (1175 words) Published: November 11, 2010
In this reflective diary view, I will introduce myself and then an introduction about my topic. I have done diploma in general nursing midwifery from India .After the study I acquired 3year of experience from a super speciality hospital in New Delhi. During the time of my career I came to know that having a degree in hand could give me a good future. So I joined in a collaborative degree programme (BSc (Hons) Nursing) with Inscol academy and John Moores University in Liverpool. Through this assignment of enhancing academic development given me an opportunity to reflect my experience and problem analysis by Gibbs model of reflection. In addition I use the SWOB analysis (strength, weakness, opportunity and barrier) technique to discuss my capabilities. Everyone have their own strengths and weakness, I also have some weakness and strengths. Reflection is a strategy for learning from experience, which requires active, conscious engagement of the learners. Margerate. M .Plock (2008). It means examination and exploration of an issue of concern to help create or clarify meaning. Reflection helps move thought from an existing situation and connect initial understanding with deeper understanding.(Perry.2000).Gibbs model has six steps to discuss situation-description, feelings, valuation, analysis, conclusion and action plan .I will use these six steps to aid my reflection. Description Steps:

In this description I am using Gibbs model of reflection, now I am in the part of a collaborative programme for BSc (hons).The study is entirely different from before I experienced. The main different is it is an independent study by using books, journal, article, internet, researches and tutorials and the assessment depend on presentations, writing materials and by seen and unseen examinations. The ultimate object of this study is one should have very good IT skills because all the study is carried out through the...
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