Reflection on Personal and Professional Development

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2. Personal development from PALS3
2.1 The futures of PALS and what I’ve learned3
2.2 Benefit from visiting speakers programme and organizational visits6 3. Professional development from PALS7
3.1 Commercial awareness8
3.2 Communication skills8
3.3 Leadership9
3.4 Foreign language10
4.  Help in the future10


In this text, I will retrospect to the period doing the assignment and reflect how I developed professionally and personally. The first chapter gives a review of the group assignment and presentation. We took DHL call centre as the development subject, and analyzed the importance of establishing a new call centre based on the theories about the reasons of building call centre. Based on existing literature about call centres, we summered up the advantages of call centres and examine the current status of DHL, thus our analysis gives a theoretical and practical ground of building DHL new call centre (Bruce et al, 2010). Latter analyzed the factors influencing the success of call centres so that we can adapt right strategy and avoid big failure (Chiara et al, 2006). The main concern is to promote service quality in all dimensions and by scientific means. In the second chapter, I draw a line between what I noticed and perceived from visiting and interviewing activities and what I’ve learned in the module before. Besides, I will explain my understanding of PALS in the aspects of learning skills, practice, introspection, interaction, sharing and equal. A new participant like me who has never taken part in peer action learning sets learned a lot from after I immersed myself in it (Bevan & Kipka, 2012). Finally, the last part indicates the skills I’ve developed and how I will benefit from them in the future.

2. Personal development from PALS

Profession development plan plays a valuable role in my learning and future growth in managerial career (Eric, 2006). The half year experience on carting out my personal and professional development plan brings many positive effects on my life.

2.1 The futures of PALS and what I’ve learned

PASL aims to cultivate would-be- managers of excellent companies. This calls for not only a good postgraduate degree, but also managerial and inter-cultural skills.

While action learning, namely learning by doing, is nothing novel, peer action learning sets is a new development in academic field. In learning this module, PALS mainly includes poster competition, lecture, workshops, and group/coaching sessions. In the introduction lecture, the origins and essence of PALS was introduced. It

PALS stresses on academic skills, managerial skills and inter-personal and inter-cultural skills. The first one is a basic skill that one must have, and it’s the main purpose of on-campus learning. PALS cultivates our academic skills by setting up a problem emulating the real business world, in solving which we can develop personal learning, data searching, information processing and selection , analyzing skills. Then by writing and presentation, our academic skills are tested. Managerial skills range from time management, project management to decision-making, and it’s really energy-consuming as well as intellectual-rewarding to finish such heavy workload both effectively and efficiently (Frederick & Prathibha, 2009). In addition, the group work and visiting activities enable us, especially an international student like me, to develop inter-personal and inter-cultural skills. What benefit us more is the guide and advice from our coach, and the scientific method of performance evaluation.

At first, I thought that PALS is just a mixture of group work and field work, and it is just like symposiums discussing the debating what we’ve learned. However, it turns out that PALS is more effective...
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