Engage in Personal Development

Topics: Skill, Learning, Childhood Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: March 3, 2013
unit 9: engage in personal developmet.

understand what is required for competence in my own work role

1.1.Working with children and young people is a very important,responsible demanding and rewarding job.In order for me to carry the job well,it is vital that i anderstand fully my work role.In other words my job description.From this i can begin to understand what is exactly required of me in order for me to complete my work effectively and skillfully with the right attitude and knowledge.Children all have different needs, interests,expectations ,behaviour and different backgrounds.Everybody is special in their own special way and my job role is to make sure i cater,promote for each individual to make them feel happy,secure and safe in what ever environment they are in.I must give support and guidance to help the children to develope the language,communication and behaviour skills that they need to learn and practice everyday,both physicaly,mentaly and emotionaly.I can can do this by using different resources and activities in order for them to enjoy playing and learning at the same time. I have to be able to observe children and keep records on any incidents or accidents.Plan ,prepare organise learning activities to cater for all different childrens development needs.Be able to commmunicate with parents well.

1.2.There are laws ,polocies procedures and national standards that i have to be aware of and are expected to follow and practice whithin my own work role duties and responsibilities.Example of these are:Health And Safety At Work Act 1974,Childcare Act 2006,Support Children With Special Educational Needs,National Occupational Standards For Childrens care,Learning and Development,Support The Needs of Children and Young People with Additional Requirements.I need to keep up to date to any new or changed national standards .This is essential for good practice.

Be able to reflect on practice.

2.1This part of the unit is all about how...
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