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School of Creative Technologies

Unit U12059: Introducing Art and Programming for Games (INTROG)

Academic Year 2011-12
Credits: 20
Unit Lecturers:
Andy Bain (
Neil Dansey (

Unit Handbook v1.3


Learning Outcomes2
Unit Introduction3
Unit Operation3
Hand-in Dates5
Appendix A: Marking Scheme for Group Artefact (Deliverable 1)6 Appendix B: Marking Scheme for Group Pitch Document (Deliverable 2)7 Appendix C: Example Peer Review Sheet (Deliverable 3)9
Appendix D: Marking Scheme for Individual Report (Deliverable 4)10 Appendix E: Marking Scheme for Individual Activity Log (Deliverable 5)11 Appendix F: Contact Details13
Appendix G: Check Questions13

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students should be able, at threshold level, to:

1. Assess and understand game code and graphics.

2. Demonstrate a creative and technical ability to undertake project-based work.

3. Identify gameplay, control, visual and technical issues.

4. Appreciate group dynamics.

It is important when you complete your coursework that you keep these learning outcomes in mind, as they will be used for guidance when assessing your work.

Unit Introduction

This unit is intended to give you a taste of what working as part of a group in the computer games industry might be like. Not only will you have a chance to develop your awareness of group dynamics, you will also have the opportunity to test out your potential career path and experience some of the problems a typical person might encounter in such a career path.

This unit adopts a practical, problem-based learning approach – it is intended that you will often find yourself in unfamiliar, unspecific or difficult territory as this is a common occurrence in professional games development situations. Your analytic and problem-solving skills will be put to the test, as will your patience, but with regular attendance, effort and cooperation with your group you will no doubt succeed.

INTROG is not a series of lectures on ‘how to make games’. Nor is it a unit which can be passed by cramming a series of PowerPoint slides at the last minute. Instead, you are responsible for directing and demonstrating your learning, inspired by the challenges and boundaries provided by the brief.

Unit Operation

You will see that each week there is a dedicated slot on your timetable for INTROG sessions. During the first couple of sessions of the semester we will be organising groups and getting started on the coursework, but after this the content of these sessions will be flexible depending on your needs. As a bare minimum, use this slot as a reliable time to catch up with your group and the unit lecturer.

In between sessions you will be expected to carry out self-directed work, as the supervised hours alone will not be enough to complete the coursework. This is a 20-credit unit, so you are expected to put in up to 200 hours of work (minus timetabled sessions) if you want to gain the maximum amount of benefit from the unit. You are free to make use of the multimedia labs and equipment during opening hours as long as you adhere to the CCI student charter with regard to conduct whilst doing so.

You will be put into a group of approximately 5 people by week 2 of the semester, using information provided by you about your preferred career path during week 1. Groups will be as balanced as possible, and this group allocation process is not random. It is likely that you will not know everybody in your group, but this is something you will need to get used to for university, and indeed industry.


The INTROG assessment is split into 5 deliverables, all due towards the end of the academic year.

For deliverables 1-3, your group will give a 30-minute presentation on the development of a technical...
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