Reducing User Resistance to It-Based Change

Topics: Project management, Team, Project team Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: March 10, 2013
1. Rank these 7 benefits in importance (from most to least) for reducing user resistance to IT-based change giving your reasons.

1. Develop Stakeholder Relationships That Support theProject’s Success

We have to have a good relationship among the team members and the PM also with the stakeholders.the stronger relationship that we have the strong support and information we will get, to make the best decision . 2. Cast a Vision for Shared Project Objectives That Will Attract, Inspire, and Motivate the Project Team. share the vision and the project objective is important for us to get a strong commitment and focus from our project team members. However, this will give us the ability to attract and inspire the best project resources in order to succeed.

3.Communicate More Effectively
communication is the key to connect all the circles between the PM and the stockholder and the team members to understand each other and spread the massage among us to reach the goal.

4.Create a Positive Work Environment and High Team Morale
Respect is a major factor that should be among the team members and PM and stockholders. However, we need to manage the project environment to make a positive outcome and create a proactive and successful environment.

5.Deal with difficult team members and manage conflict.
dealing with difficult team members and conflict is manageable.When we want a high-performing individuals for our teams, we usually face a difficult team members. this will allow to us the tools to work with difficult individuals, help us identify ways in which we contribute to the problem and help us to work through issues with those people 6.Leverage emotional information to make better decisions.

Emotions provide us with the extra data points that we need to make better decisions When we are in touch with our emotions, we can leverage that information to make the best decisions. If we are not in touch with our emotions, we are missing needful information...
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