Marketing Management Marketplace Quarter 3 Decision Memo

Topics: Brand, Advertising, Revenue Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Outlier Memo 3
Our team has been working hard to make communication and group cohesiveness a high priority. We believe that these attributes are critical to our overall success as a team because each one of us has important points of view and can bring something different to the table. When working within Marketplace, we take the time to read each and every task briefing as a group and brainstorm all ideas vocally. This ensures that we are all on the same page as far as company goals and views are concerned. We tend to let the leader in his or her respected department make the final decision when an overall consensus is not possible. For example, if we are unsure about allocating funds, Mark (Finance officer) will make the call. This system has been working particularly well with our memos thus far and we plan to continue to work in this manner.

Our advertising decisions were made with two main considerations in mind: to push our more expensive and high-end “Iris” to the innovators and to create demand and awareness for our more profitable “Nomad.” We referred to our Marketplace Research and Development results in order to number and rank the benefits of each product and chose to highlight our target market’s top priorities in the advertisements.

Our first Ad campaign, “Envision”, targets the innovator market and is built around the goal of selling our high-end “IRIS” computer. When considering ranking, we decided the most important aspect of the advertisement would be to mention the brand name. We figured that we could say whatever we wanted about our product but that if the consumers didn’t know who we were then we wouldn’t really be creating awareness for ourselves. After mentioning brand name, we decided to highlight the features that appeal to our consumer base. By referring to the Research and Development results, we decided to rank “High resolution screen, fine detail” number two, “Most advanced processor on the market “ number three, and to...
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