Red Tacton

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RedTacton is a new Human Area Networking technology that uses the surface of the human body as a safe, high speed network transmission path. RedTacton involves initiating communication with a touch that could result in a wide range of actions in response.

RedTacton uses the minute electric field emitted on the surface of the human body. Technically, it is completely distinct from wireless and infrared.

Name of this technology consist of two parts. “Tacton” is a contraction of “Touch” & “Act on”, which describes how communication is started with the act of touching & leads to various different actions. The color red is added to signify warmth in communication.

Currently, RedTacton is gearing up to compete with Bluetooth, Zigbee, IrDA (Infrared Data Association), UWB (Ultra Wide Band), and other wireless communication forms. These competing technologies are different in that they use radio frequency or light to transmit data short distances. They also tend to work at slower speeds that RedTacton which, as mentioned before, uses the body’s electrical field to transmit at a high speed. Additionally, since RedTacton requires touch and has a low potential for interference, it is much more secure than the competition. Many areas can benefit from this technology. Initially, RedTacton could target security, the medical field, and the device communication field. RedTacton can be used for intuitive operation of computer-based systems in daily life, temporary one-to-one private networks based on personal handshaking, device personalization, security, and a host of other applications based on new behavior patterns enabled by RedTacton.

1. What is “Red-Tacton”?
RedTacton is a technology that bridges the last networking gap, creating the HAN ' Human Area Network, connecting the last meter. It works by utilizing the electric field on the surface of the human body to transmit data between a RedTacton receiver and other devices. Data can be transmitted at up to 10 mbps. RedTacton uses the minute electric field emitted on the surface of the human body. A transmission path is formed at the moment a part of the human body comes in contact with a RedTacton transceiver. Using RedTacton, communication starts when terminals carried by the user or embedded in devices are linked in various combinations according to the user's natural, physical movements. Communication is possible using any body surfaces, such as the hands, fingers, arms, feet, face, legs or torso. RedTacton works through shoes and clothing as well. [pic]

Using RedTacton-enabled devices, music from a digital audio player in your pocket would pass through your clothing and shoot over your body to headphones in your ears. Instead of fiddling around with a cable to connect your digital camera to your computer, you could transfer pictures just by touching the PC while the camera is around your neck. And since data can pass from one body to another, you could also exchange electronic business cards by shaking hands, trade music files by dancing cheek to cheek, or swap phone numbers just by kissing. The three major functional features of RedTacton are as below. 1. A communications path can be created with a simple touch, automatically initiating the flow of data between a body-centric electronic device and a computer that is embedded in the environment. For example, two people equipped with RedTacton devices could exchange data just by shaking hands. A wide range of natural human actions -- grasping, sitting down, walking, or standing in a particular place -- can be used to trigger RedTacton to start a networked process. 2. Using a RedTacton electro-optic sensor, two-way communication is supported between any two points on the body at a throughput of up to 10 Mbps. Communication is not just confined to the surface of the body, but can travel through the user's clothing to a RedTacton device in a...
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