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Standards research
Dr. Biswajit Panja
CIS 505
January 15, 2012

Select (1) of the working groups in the IETF or IEEE and brief summarize what this group is working on. Justify the need of the IEEE 802 standard used in networking. Evaluate the (3) standard organizations including IEEE, ISO, and ANSI to determine the most important for communication technology. Take a position on the need for a federal regulating body of standards such as NIST. Include supporting evidence to justify your opinion.

Working group 802.22
In short, Working Groups work to create and write the standard. Working Groups are open to anyone to participate in. For individual standards projects, IEEE or IEEE-SA membership is not required to participate. For corporate standards projects, IEEE-SA corporate membership is required. Overall, Working Groups strive for broad representation of all interested parties and encourage global participation. With project authorization request (PAR) approval, a Working Group is defined and it can officially begin its work to develop or write the standard. (IEEEwg, 2012) Currently the IEEE 802.22 Work Group has published the IEEE 802.22 standard in 2011 and the IEEE 802.22.1 standard in 2010. IEEE 802.22 systems will provide broadband access to wide regional areas around the world and bring reliable and secure high-speed communications to under-served and un-served rural communities, which are estimated to include nearly half of the world’ s population. This new standard for Wireless Regional Area Networks (WRANs) takes advantage of the favorable transmission characteristics of the VHF and UHF TV bands to provide broadband wireless access over a large area up to 100 km from the transmitter. Each WRAN could deliver 22 Mbps to 29 Mbps without interfering with reception of existing TV broadcast stations, depending upon the country of deployment. The IEEE 802.22 is the first IEEE 802 Standard for operation in...
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