Recruitment Strategy

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  • Published : August 9, 2011
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Recruitment Strategy and Job Offer Process
Debra Stokes
August 8, 2011
L.J. Elliott

Recruitment Strategy and Job Offer Process
What determines if a candidate is suitable for a position? There are many qualities to consider, but the responsibility falls on the human resource specialist. The responsibility of the human resources specialist is to hire the “right” candidate for opening positions within the company. In making these decisions he or she must ensure that the "right" candidate is selected for that position. Different recruitment strategies will be compared and contrasted to determine the right recruitment strategy to attract those potential candidates for specific positions based on the following industries: education, engineering, and business. An explanation will be given to show why the selected recruitment strategy was chosen for each industry. The human resources specialist will choose a candidate for an opening position and explain the process that was used to offer the job. Two types of strategies that can be used when deciding to fill a position; open recruitment and target recruitment, both of these strategies can be used, but it depends on the type of position that they are hiring for and the number of applicants they are looking to attract. Open recruitment has its advantages and disadvantages but first, let us define open recruitment. This strategy opens the doors for anyone and everyone regardless of his or her qualifications to apply for the position. The advantage of this strategy is it gives the applicants a feeling of fairness, in that, everyone has the opportunity to apply. Another advantage of open recruitment is it ensures a diverse set of applicants would be given a fair opportunity to be considered for the position (Heneman & Judge, 2009). On the other hand, target recruitment is more specific to the needs of the organization. An organization may use target recruitment when the organization is trying to...
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