Creating a Job Description

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  • Published : December 21, 2012
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Explaining a Job Analysis and Creating a Job Description
Lacy Quake
University of Phoenix
Human Capital Management
Mary Jo Payne
September 24, 2012

Explaining a Job Analysis and Creating a Job Description

There are several types of critical tools that human resources utilize to ensure that they are hiring the most qualified candidates for the positions within their organization. The human resource managers in every organization need to ensure that the tools that they use to recruit new employees and retain them are key items to help ensure the success of the organization. Utilizing these critical tools is important and needs to work with the overall business strategy of the organization. The job analysis is a tool that human resource utilizes to ensure that they are hiring candidates with the right skills, competencies, attitudes, and temperament for the job (Nayab 2010). The human resource department needs to be ensuring that they are meeting the staffing needs of the organization in relation to the overall business strategy. By doing this, it will ensure that human resources available to the organization will fit the demands that the business strategy will demand to become successful. The job description defines what the responsibilities of the job are, what duties will need to be performed and what the task of the job will be. The job specification presents the skills and qualifications as well as the experience that will be required of the candidates. Job descriptions and job specifications are similar but they are created differently.

Creating a Job Description
Job descriptions provide clear descriptions for employees. A Job description defines for the employee what the responsibilities of the job are, what duties the job will need to be performed, and what task the job will require the employee to do. When creating a job description, all of the information about the job needs to be gathered. Perform a job...
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