Recruitment and Retention

Topics: Health care, Physician, Medicine Pages: 4 (1147 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Recruitment and Retention: A Major Challenge for the Healthcare Industry Tiffany McFatter
HCA 459: Senior Project
Instructor Theresa Reboli
March 31, 2011
I. Introduction
II. Nursing
a. Employment statistics
b. Recruitment strategies
c. Retention recommendations
III. Family/General practice physicians
a. Reason for the shortage
b. Importance of raising the numbers
IV. Hospitalist
a. Growing trend
b. Outcomes for related healthcare professionals
V. Allied health professional
a. Placement in the medical setting
b. Retention and recruitment techniques
VI. Support personnel
a. Importance of position
b. Retention and recruitment techniques
VII. Conclusion
In today’s society there is a great deal of change that is occurring. The healthcare agenda has been shaken by the need for reform and the steps that have been taken to make that happen. There has been tension amongst the medical community not knowing what to expect and attempting to keep up with the continually changing environment. Each medical professional is looking out for their well being both personally and professionally. For this reason recruiting and retaining professionals in the healthcare setting is extremely vital. There are numerous areas within the healthcare industry that need to be addressed. It is vital to maintain a continuous and smooth flow amongst all departments because each department relies the others to make quality care effective. This extends from administration to medical records to the nurses and physicians. Finding ways to recruit and retain nurses, allied health professionals and support personnel is a must as is recognizing the growing trend of hospitalist and the lack of primary care physicians and the effect that these elements have on the medical society. Nursing is a major part of the medical industry. In a sense they are the...
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