Reason People Leaving the Organisation

Topics: Wage, Employment, Attention Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Recently, a huge number of workers have left and expressed intentions to leave the organization. There are few reasons that have been carried out. Firstly, it is mainly because their jobs are lack of challenge. Some workers feel bored and unchallenged about current works over years. Boredom has negative effects on experiences; they tend to think their actions and thoughts are senseless and meaningless. Whereas having no enjoyment during working time. This reason drives employees want and willing to find another more interesting and challenging job, as they can get more working experiences which are useful in their lives. Secondly, there is poor communication among a few employees and employers. This small group of workers has ineffective communication with their managers and the boss. For both reasons, the managers are not open and transparent enough of communicating with workers and these employees are not having many ideas about their current job. The manager has not stated the firm’s vision and mission and their goals. Employees cannot feel themselves in a team; it also makes workers feel unsatisfied. Next reason is about payment, as employees could not receive ideal wages and salaries. Workers still earn the same amount but the price of goods and services are increasing significantly. A very high-priced market plus government taxes people on income, these workers may suffer from it if they cannot earn higher income. Those workers who have left want to seek for another similar job or organization which can provide higher wages. Finally, rather than low wages and salaries, it is non-wage benefit. There are some workers want to get more non-wage benefit more than money in the firm. Three non-wage benefits which most of the employees want are medical and health benefit, educational benefit and personal insurance. Once the firm fails to ask for employees’ suggestions and ideas, then it fails to provide what they want. In this situation, those unsatisfied workers...
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